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The IHK-certified private and corporate detectives of the Kurtz Detective Agency investigate private and corporate cases in the city of Recklinghausen and the eponymous district. We cover cases of marital infidelity, maintenance and custody battles. On behalf of companies, we also investigate cases of fraudulent sick leave, false claims for expenses and unfair competition.


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Private investigations | Private detective agency Recklinghausen

In 2017, Recklinghausen celebrated their 1,000 year anniversary. When "Ricoldinchuson" was first mentioned in 1017, Recklinghausen was only a small village. Today, it has the status of a big city and is also the capital of its district. It counts 120,598 inhabitants in the city and more than 635,000 inhabitants in the wider surroundings of Germany's most populous district. Further, it is considered a significant part of the metropolis area Rhine-Ruhr (all numbers from 2016). The historic old town with its buildings from the 13th to the 18th century harmonises well with the modern architecture of the 20th and 21st century. Here, our certified private detectives in Recklinghausen investigate to acquire valid evidence for false income statements in the phase of calculating spousal maintenance or child support, for marital infidelity, or for violation of child custody.


Further, we support victims of prosecutable delicts, including theft and robbery, or burglary of a dwelling. The case numbers of the latter have increased critically in 2014 (to 2,700 with a low crime clearance rate of 16 %). Other commissions of our detectives in Recklinghausen include locating missing persons and debtors. Here, we have access to a number of investigation methods (including trailing and tracking dogs). We will gladly advise you in detail on case-specific investigation methods in a non-binding informational interview via phone or email. Please, make use of our contact form.    

Town Hall; Recklinghausen detective agency, private investigator Recklinghausen
Recklinghausen Town Hall

From mining industry to service sector | Investigators of our corporate detective agency in Recklinghausen

The district's capital city Recklinghausen has well adapted to the changing economy, just like most other city's of the area (including Herten, Dorsten, Gladbeck, Marl, and Haltern). The city's beneficial location, what with its vicinity to the autobahn interchange of A43 and A44, allows a flawless connection to the rest of the Ruhr area. This is why Recklinghausen's economy is largely shaped by its commerce. Main employers are companies such as the nationwide represented Runners Point Warenhandelsges. mbH, the Westfälische Wachschutz (WWS), the shopping mall Palais Vest with about 120 stores, service providers and hospitality establishments, as well as hospitals and the Diakonisches Werk. The unemployment rate of 10.2 % is typical of the Ruhr area; 15,762 people receive support from Hartz IV (2016).


A booming economy attracts corporate crimes: Internal espionage, warehouse and cargo theft, burglary and theft, disloyal employees (fraudulent sick leave, false claims for wages, and much more), additional occupations that were not agreed on by the employer and many more kinds of delicts cause damage to local businesses and require the support of our experienced corporate detectives in Recklinghausen. The service offer of the Kurtz Detective Agency includes external surveillance as well as employee monitoring on company grounds (through an undercover detective). Further, we execute background checks of applicants, security analyses and IT checks, help to implement arrangements for wiretapping protection, and help you with many more kinds of arrangements: +49 234 3075 0073.  

Examples for areas of operation in the Recklinghausen region:

Christ Church; Recklinghausen investigation firm, private detective Recklinghausen
Christ Church Recklinghausen, Germany


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