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Do you doubt your partner's fidelity? Are you looking for a missing family member or debtor? Does your ex-partner make false income claims to minimise the alimonies to be paid? These are only a few of many questions that weigh on private persons.


A company's concerns look slightly different: Is the employee really sick or does he work in another job during his sick leave? Did you notice unwanted theft of company data and secrets? Is a considerable amount of cargo missing from your warehouse?


Through meticulous research, our certified private investigators in Haltern can solve many of these questions: +49 234 3075 0073Not convinced yet? Have a look at our references!

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With its 38,638 inhabitants, the city of Haltern is picturesquely located between Borkenberge, Haardt and Hohe Mark. Leaving the old town and the historical town hall behind, one can come upon woods and meadows, agricultural smallholdings and an extensive local recreational area which offers the Haltener Stausee (artificial lake), as well as the Silbersee with exotic-seeming quartz sand beaches, paths for cycling and hiking, and horse trails. While many tourists from far and wide enjoy the surroundings of Haltern, sorrows of all kinds bother many of the locals. Our private investigators in Haltern can help!


One of the main fields of our operations includes surveillance and research when a partner is suspected of cheating. According to estimations and surveys, about half of all partners and spouses cheat, men as well as women. Further, after years of experience, we can say that 75 % of all suspected cases prove to be true. At this point, the affair is often only the first problem out of many: A number of issues follow on a separation. Does the ex-partner really provide a truthful financial statement or do they, in fact, invent stories in order to benefit from an illegitimate financial advantage? Are the children in good hands with the custodial parent or do they suffer from neglect? Our seasoned private detective agency in Haltern am See solves these and many more issues for you. And by providing valid evidence, our investigations enable you to take legal action and to assert your claims in court. We will gladly advise you on the field of private investigations. Please, make use of our contact form for your request or give us a call.    

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Many people carry two or more faces. To convict fraudsters who commit delicts in a wide range of areas is one of the main tasks of our detectives in Haltern am See and beyond.

Corporate detective agency in Haltern am See, Germany | Increase of commissions due to growing economic structures in Haltern

Haltern has two business parks, Haltern-Süd and Münsterknapp, and three industrial parks (Brinkwiese, Mersch and Am Prozessionsweg), which in total host 200 businesses. Further, the ADAC Driving Safety Centre, the Quarzwerke GmbH and the Haltern Waterworks run by Gelsenwasser AG are located here. The majority of Haltern's employees who are subject to social insurance contributions work in these institutions. A large number of small specialised stores, guest houses and hospitality establishments in the inner city, as well as around 50 agricultural businesses in the surrounding areas, employ a comparatively small amount of employees. While local farmers struggle with pests like black flies, aphids and mildew, the vermin bothering industrial businesses are of a slightly different nature: bugs that are used by the competition for eavesdropping operations against competitors to get an unfair competitive advantage. Our detective agency in Haltern also solves other corporate crimes, including cyber attacks for the purpose of sabotage and espionage, as well as dishonest employees who damage their employer's business with delicts such as violation of sick pay, false claims for expenses, cargo crimes and bribery.


Our IHK-certified corporate detectives in Haltern am See will gladly support you in above-mentioned cases as well as many others, and will convict the offender by providing valid evidence: +49 234 3075 0073.    

Examples for areas of operation in the Haltern region:

Haltern Stausee; private detective Haltern, detective agency Haltern am See, Germany
"Am See" in the name Haltern am See means "by the lake" – due to Haltern's eponymous lake which makes it a popular recreational retreat for people from the Ruhr Valley.


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