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Our IHK-certified investigators operate for private clients as well as for businesses in Hattingen, located in the Ruhr area, and its surroundings. Private cases that need solving often focus on subjects including infidelity in a relationship, violation of maintenance payments for a child or ex-partner, and child maintenance claims; corporate investigations, on the other hand, are mostly concerned with prosecutable issues such as burglary, cargo theft, violation of sick leave or false claims for expenses. Our detective agency in Hattingen will gladly support you in solving any of these and many other crimes: +49 234 3075 0073.


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On behalf of city dwellers and non-local clients: Investigations operated by private detectives in Hattingen

The medium-sized city Hattingen counts 56,450 (2015) inhabitants and is located south of Bochum. Thanks to its historic city centre and its medieval, half-timbered buildings, the city is a favoured destination for people living in the Ruhr area. Inhabitants of neighbouring cities, such as Bochum, Essen, Wuppertal, and Witten, as well as from the district of Mettmann, use Hattingen's surroundings as a recreational area with fishing, water sports activities or day trips to the old town. One can quickly get to Hattingen from all of North Rhine-Westphalia via the Autobahn 40, 43 or 448, something which also our private investigators benefit from. One of the main types of our private investigations is the surveillance of a spouse or partner who is suspected of infidelity. Our clients, in this case, are individuals from within Hattingen's population. They approach us, for example, when their partner is about to leave on a business trip and the help of our detectives in Hattingen is required for a professional surveillance from the moment the suspect leaves their apartment or workplace. Also, clients from all over Germany approach our experienced private investigators and ask them to monitor the suspected partner from the moment they arrive in Hattingen.


Our discreet private detectives in Hattingen will gladly support you in either of these case constellations – or to investigate in a case of stalking, or to locate a missing person. Please, make use of our contact form for your request or give us a call.    

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There are not many well-preserved old cities in the Ruhr area. So, despite its relatively small size, Hattingen attracts many one-day visitors, amongst whom there are also target persons of our private detective agency in Hattingen.

Researching by our corporate detectives in Hattingen

In 2014, the number of burglary cases has increased in Hattingen as well as in the entire Ennepenne-Ruhr-Kreis (district): in Hattingen by 3 % and in the district by 16 %. The crime clearance rate is nationwide very low and, accordingly, the victims feel let down by the police authorities. Our seasoned corporate detectives in Hattingen will gladly solve these crimes instead. Local businesses are not only faced with property crimes but also with a number of other delicts which are partly committed by third parties (for example, unfair competition, product piracy, counterfeit consumer goods or cyber attacks), partly by employees (violation of sick leave, betrayal of the company's secrets, sabotage, embezzlement, and much more).


Our experienced corporate detective agency in Hattingen investigates the circumstances, monitors suspected target persons, and executes investigative interviews to acquire valid evidence and to convict the offender. In cases of property crimes, we will also work on securing stolen goods to hand them back to the respective company. Our detectives and security specialists can also support you with implementing preventive measures. These can include security arrangements for your house, apartment or company grounds, as well as safety arrangements for your computers and other software-based devices. Our professional security and IT specialists in Hattingen will gladly advise you in detail on your options. Don't hesitate to give us a non-binding call and to present us your case: +49 234 3075 0073.    

Examples for areas of operation in the Hattingen region:

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Hattingen by the river Ruhr


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