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Our specialised and IHK-certified private detectives in Witten will investigate on behalf of private clients and companies, covering cases of infidelity in a relationship, alimony and custody battles, stalking and intimidation, as well as cases of burglary, unpaid purchases, counterfeit consumer goods, bribery and corruption, data theft, and much more: +49 234 3075 0073.


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Corporate and private detectives in Witten

In 1975, Witten first counted more than 100,000 inhabitants and received the status of a big city. Located in the district of Ennepe-Ruhr, Witten now only has 95,907 inhabitants (2014). Thanks to beneficial connections via autobahn and train to the entire Ruhr area, Witten is a favoured place of residence for dwellers who are employed in the surrounding cities. It is also a popular destination for day-trippers – due to its many recreational areas. Paths for hiking, ferry traffic, and the Kemnader Stausee (artificial lake) attract people living in the closest agglomeration areas to travel to the southeast area of the Ruhr. For our private investigators in Witten, both locals and visitors can be either a client or a target person. We cover, for example, surveillance of possibly cheating partners or spouses, or of an employee who abuses his sick leave to indulge in a hobby.

Witten Town Hall; corporate detective Witten, private detective Witten, investigation firm Witten
Witten Town Hall

A well-diversified industry and increasing numbers of property crimes

Next to structural and machine engineering (Weichenwerk Witten, Deutsche Edelstahlwerke) and the chemical industry, the service sector, too, plays an important role in Witten's economic structure. Companies such as Evonik, the furniture shop Ostermann, and Pilkington Fahrzeugglas prefer this economic location as it is in close vicinity to the core of the Ruhr area and, thus, offers fast connections for deliveries and distribution of products.


Unfortunately, the strong economy also attracts corporate criminality as statistics of 2014 underline: The number of fraud delicts has increased by 18.6 %, now counting 1,228 cases, while the crime clearance rate (CCR) has decreased by 6.1 %. Unpaid purchases and other product-related crimes have increased noticeably by 9.0 % to 414 cases in total, and the CCR decreased by 5.5 %. The majority of fraud delicts are detrimental to companies and businesses: false claims for wages and expenses, unfair competition, insurance fraud and many more delicts, such as theft, can cause a substantial damage. Our certified corporate detectives in Witten are your professional contact for all matters concerning corporate criminality: +49 234 3075 0073.    

Examples for areas of operation in the Witten region:

Ruhr Witten; detective agency Witten, private investigator Witten, investigation company Witten
River Ruhr in the outskirts of Witten


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